Wall Coverings in Terre Haute, IN

Wall Coverings | Terre Haute, IN

Today’s wall coverings are a far cry from traditional wallpaper and wood paneling. Today, wall coverings are available in unique textures and patterns that can provide a truly unique appeal to your home.

As a Terre Haute handyman for more than 50 years, I have experience installing every kind of wall covering. Here is a sampling of my services: 

● Vinyl Coverings

Vinyl coverings are available in a huge variety of textures and prints, and are very affordable.

● Synthetic Textiles

Usually made from polyester, synthetic textiles are stain-resistant and have a beautiful texture.

● Paper Backed Vinyl

Paper-backed vinyl incorporates a thin paper substrate for additional texture and visual appeal.

● Solid Sheet Vinyl

Solid sheet vinyl is very durable, and great for garages and workshops. 

● Fabric Backed Vinyl

Fabric backed vinyl is flexible and long-lasting, and can be installed on any wall.

Weathered Board Wall Covering | Terre Haute, IN

● Light Duty Coverings

I can install any light duty wall coverings, from tatami to wallpaper, bamboo and more.

● All Coverings

If you don’t see your wall covering listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can install it – guaranteed.

Call now at 812-494-0555, and get started with your home improvement project now 

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