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I have been hanging, cutting, repairing, and patching drywall for more than 50 years. You can trust me to deliver excellent drywall services. Here are just a few of my services.

● Drywall Installation

If you’re building a new addition or finishing a room, I can install and hang new drywall.

● Drywall repair

From small holes that can be treated with spackle, to drywall panel replacements, I can repair drywall damage of all types.  

● Drywall replacement

If you have a damaged piece of drywall due to an accident, water damage, or any other reason, I can replace it and repaint it for a seamless finish.

● Green Board Installation

Green Board drywall is used for damp areas such as showers and bathrooms, and it resists water and mold/mildew growth with proper treatment and installation. 

● Drywall Mud

I can finish your drywall with professional drywall mud application for a completely seamless appearance.


Drywall Installation | Terre Haute Handyman

● Drywall Texture

I am familiar with all modern drywall texturing techniques. If you want to add visual interest to your drywall, I can help.

● New Interior Paint

I don’t just install drywall, I also specialize in interior painting. I can also paint your entire room, and ensure that any replacements, repairs, or new installations are finished with a perfect coat of paint.

● Paint Touch-ups

Need a spackle patch covered up? I offer paint touch-ups alongside all of my repair services.


Give me a call at 812-494-0555 now, and get the drywall installation in Terre Haute that you need.

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