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I am the leading Terre Haute handyman for home remodeling, exterior services, painting, drywall, and much more. I have been serving customers in Terre Haute with expert handyman services for more than 50 years. 

Over my long career as a handyman, I have learned a few things. I have learned that respecting my customers is the most important part of my job. I have learned that there is no excuse for failing to complete a job on time. 

And most importantly, I have learned that, to save time and energy, customers appreciate a handyman who can complete very part of a renovation on their own – without having to turn to third-party contractors.

That’s why I’m such a great choice for your next project. I can do it all – from painting and siding installation to tilework for flooring and in tile showers, installation of wall coverings, framing and addition-building – the list could go on and on. I offer the following services, among many others:


Kitchen Remodels and Repairs

Bathroom Renovations        

Bathroom Remodel            

Patio Installation              

Deck Building                  

Siding Installation / Repair    


My years of experience have made me familiar with every aspect of home improvement projects. I can even handle some basic plumbing and electrical tasks on my own, without requiring a third-party contractor.

I am not bragging when I say that I am the best local handyman in Terre Haute. My years of experience, deep knowledge of home restoration and repair, and thousands of satisfied customers speak for themselves.

So don’t wait. Call me today at 812-494-0555, and get started with your next project now. Visit my website to know more about us in Terre Haute.

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