Tile Showers in Terre Haute, IN

Tile Shower Remodel | Terre Haute, IN

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, the shower is often the most important part. As your leading Terre Haute handyman, I pride myself on building beautiful, functional tile showers that will last for years to come.

Interested in the bathroom of your dreams? I can help you with a comprehensive bathroom remodel, and build a tile shower that’s sure to impress you. Here are some of the materials I work with:

● Porcelain

Porcelain is extremely dense, nonporous, shiny, and available in a large variety of colors, making it a superb choice for tile showers. I will work with you to pick out the right porcelain tile for your tastes, and design a custom shower that will meet your every expectation. 

● Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are distinct from porcelain tiles. They are typically more porous, and have a rougher finish. They are also less expensive, and easier to cut and work with. Despite being more porous, they are still a great choice for tile showers.

● Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are usually made out of a blend of glass and ceramic or porcelain, and feature eye-catching patterns and designs. 

 Contact me now with details about your bathroom renovation and tile shower project, and I will be glad to give you an estimate. Call now at 812-494-0555 

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