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Vinyl Flooring | Terre Haute, IN


I can install and replace almost any kind of flooring. 


Give me a call now at 812-494-0555 to get started with your next flooring project.

Here is a short list of my services:

● Carpets

I install and replace carpets and carpet pads of all kinds.

● Hardwood Flooring

From floor installation to finishing, I can work with any variety of hardwood floor and many other flooring services.

● Laminate Flooring

Laminate and composite flooring are excellent, low-cost flooring choices, and I am an expert at their installation.

● Vinyl Flooring

I can measure, cut, and install all kinds of vinyl flooring. 

● Tile Installation

I do tile installation for bathrooms, mud rooms, kitchens, and living areas.

Laminate Flooring | Terre Haute, IN

● Flooring Repairs

I can repair any kind of flooring, from carpet to hardwood and tile. 

● Flooring Removal

Need to remove old, dirty flooring? I have the tools and experience to tackle any job.

● Bathroom Floors

I can install waterproof, beautiful tile showers and bathroom floors.

● Kitchen Floors

From tile to concrete and hardwood, I can install every kind of kitchen floor.

● Bedroom Flooring

Whether you want plush carpet or sleek hardwood, I can replace and install bedroom flooring in your home.

● Baseboards

Need new baseboards? I can source and install baseboards for your entire home.

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