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Professional Painting | Terre Haute, IN

Need interior painting services in Terre Haute? With over 50 years of experience painting homes and businesses, I can provide you with efficient, affordable, and professional painting services for any project. 

My specialties include: 

● Wall

Using rollers and brushes, I paint multiple layers of your choice for vivid and beautiful results.

● Baseboard

Using proper masking techniques, I can paint baseboards in contrasting colors without bleeding or dripping onto your paint or carpet.

● Trim

A contrasting trim is a fantastic way to create a unique, attractive room. 

● Interior Door

I can paint interior doors of all kinds, in colors of your choice.

● Bedroom

Whether you’re renovating a guest room or preparing a room for a child, I provide expert bedroom painting services.

Painting | Terre Haute, IN

● Kitchen

Kitchen painting is often quite difficult, as cupboards, appliances, counters and more must be avoided. I use proper masking and painting techniques to minimize bleed, and provide great results.

● Bathroom

I am an expert at painting bathrooms as part of my comprehensive renovation services.

● Touch Ups

Got spackle patches, poorly-maintained areas, or other spots that need paint touch-ups? I can help! 

● Ceiling

Painting high ceilings is difficult without the right equipment. However, I can easily paint ceilings of all kinds.


Please call me today at 812-494-0555 to get started with your next painting project now.

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