Electrical Services in Terre Haute, IN

Electricial | Terre Haute, IN

As a handyman with 50 years of experience, I can help you with most basic electrical services, without requiring the use of an electrician.

I offer the following services:

● New Lighting Installations

From recessed lighting to track lighting, fans, and sconces, I can install every type of standard light fixture.

● Tripped Circuit Breakers

I perform basic maintenance and analysis of tripped circuit breakers, to identify faulty electrical circuits.

● Flickering Light Repair

I can fix lights that are flickering due to improper power, or a variety of other causes.

● Fixture Installations

I will replace any light fixture with a new fixture of your choice. 

● Ceiling Fan Service

Broken or malfunctioning ceiling fan? I can repair or replace your fan.

Electrical Services | Terre Haute, IN

● New Light Switch Installation

I can install light switches for new light fixtures, or replace worn-out switches and panels during renovations.

● Moving Outlets

I can move and install power outlets, allowing you to easily reconfigure a room during a renovation.

● Interior Lighting

I install and service all types of interior lighting fixtures.

● Exterior Lighting

From floodlights to security lights and landscape lighting, I can serve you with professional installation and maintenance.

● And A Lot More!

I cannot handle all electrical tasks, but most basic repairs are within my skill set. Contact me to learn more, or to get a referral for a professional electrician.


Call me now at 812-494-0555 to schedule your service appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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