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Basement Framing | Terre Haute, IN

If you are building a new addition to your house, or expanding your home, you will need a framing contractor in Terre Haute to build the initial “skeleton” or structure of your renovation. I am an expert at house framing, and building stud-framed walls and structures. Whether you’re creating new rooms inside an unfinished basement, or building a brand-new addition, I can help.

My services include:

● Top Plates

plates hold the frames in place, and ensure that they are strong enough to support heavy loads.

● Sole Plates

Sole plates function like top plates, but are used to hold the lower half of a frame in place.

● Headers

Headers provide structure when studs must be interrupted, such as for the placement of a door or window.

● Trimmers

Trimmers are used to support stairwells and other openings, such as skylights and chimneys.

● Stud

I specialize in installing studs and creating durable, properly-framed rooms. 

Closet Framing | Terre Haute, IN

● King Stud

King studs are used to support doors and windows, attaching directly to trimmers.

● Cripple Studs

Cripple studs are less-than-full-length studs that support windows, doors, and other openings in the frame.

● Bracing

Bracing uses diagonal braces to increase the horizontal strength of a framed home.


If you are building a new room, or expanding your home, contact me now for professional house framing services. Call for an appointment at 812-494-0555

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