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SoftWash Services

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Soft Wash Services

Homes can be infested with organisms like mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria. Our common house washing is completed using a low-pressure soft washing technique. This process utilizes a special diluted blend of detergents and an algaecide, without the use of any high pressure. This method of cleaning provides an excellent general clean up, without the worry of any harsh high-pressure washing.

· Kills infestation and sanitizes

· Uses LOW pressure high volume water

· Uses specific detergents for cleaning

· Removes root cause of mildew, algae, moss and dirt buildup

High pressure should not be used on your home

· Only removes surface mold - not root cause

· Can damage or dislodge siding

· Forces water behind siding - mold in areas you can't see

· Can damage window seals

Pressure Wash Services - Residential & Commercial

High pressure can be used in specific areas such as

· Driveways

· Sidewalks

· Patio

· Fences

· Dumpster Pads

· Garage Floors

· Drive-Thru

Gutter Cleaning & Flushing

We use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean and flush your gutters from the ground. Placing ladders against your gutters not only creates safety risks but can damage your gutters.

Cleaning your gutters can prevent:

· Water in basement

· Damage to your foundation & Landscaping

· Rotten wood on your siding & Fascia

· Damage to your roof from ice-dams

· Bug infestations

Plant Washing & Landscape Fortifier:

​​We offer this additional service for those who have strong concerns about the use of chemicals around their landscaping.

We use a product designed to reduce the damage to plants associated with caustic cleaners like sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. It works by attacking these issues in four ways:

 1. It neutralizes the caustic cleaners;
2. Liquid fertilizes the plant through their leaves;
3. It coats the leaves with a buffer­ing agent;
4. It adds back vital nutrients at the base of the plants, helping beneficial bacteria repop­ulate the soil.


SoftWash Chemicals

Residential Services


 SoftWash - Exterior House Cleaning

 Fence Cleaning - Wood & Vinyl

 Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning

 Deck Cleaning 

 Gutter Cleaning 

Commercial Services


Sidewalk & Apron Cleaning 

Dumpster Pads

Parking Lot Cleaning

Drive Thru

Playground Equipment


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SoftWash Services is a different division of Terre Haute Handyman. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 765-376-2010



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