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We made our Privacy Policies in Terre Haute to protect the details that are given by our customers. We are committed to paying serious attention to our customers’ privacy.  We use those customers’ details to understand their need and also for improving our services. All of our customers are requested to visit our privacy policies before browsing our website. It will help them get a better understanding about our privacy and terms. We want to make our service customer friendly and this is why we take some information from our customers. If you visit our privacy policy, you will see how we protect and maintain all those details that are given by you. A quick glance on the details will allow us to improve our services. Here are some of the details we retain from our customers:

Contact details
Email id

 We understand the importance of these details and this is why we keep all of these details safely and securely. We do not share our customer information with any third party and we also don’t use them for promotional purposes.

Terre Haute Handyman has some terms and conditions so that we can achieve better services, you should also obey our terms and conditions properly. So, let’s have a look at our terms and conditions.

All of our content that we use on the website is only for providing proper information to the people about our services. Most of the content is given voluntarily. And this is why we will not be responsible if you found any kind of inaccuracy in these contents.
We use many external links to provide the clear concept to the visitors. We don’t have any intention to use them for promotional purpose.
We don’t entertain the person who would try to copy our contents, logos etc. In this case, we shall take legal action against him or her.
Handyman of Terre Haute has the authority to change their terms and conditions at any time for improving services.


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